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Are the gorges of the Slovak Paradise accessible throughout the whole year?

Yes, they are. The accessibility in winter depends on current weather conditions. You can find continuously updated information at local Mountain Rescue Service website – www.hzs.sk – at tel. No.: +421 53 4297 902, or call directly the Mountain Rescue Service management, tel. No.: +421 52 7877 711.

Do I have to have a mountain travel insurance covering the Mountain Rescue Service assistance expenses before I head out to the Slovak Paradise?

Yes, you do. Mountain travel insurance policies are provided by following insurance companies: UNION, GENERALI, ALLIANZ, and you can buy them online or via cell phone applications, too.

When can I visit the Dobšinská ice cave?

The cave is open from May 15th to September 30th.

How difficult are the gorges in the Slovak Paradise?        

The gorges have a wide range of difficultness, from easy, moderate, to difficult ones. It is only up to you which do you choose.

Which gorge do I have to visit?

The most romantic and most visited gorge is Suchá Belá.

Which spot offers the most beautiful view on the surrounding nature?

You can enjoy an unforgettable view on the Slovak Paradise from the cliff of Tomášovský výhľad.

Which places are best for skiing?

Probably the best ski resort SKI Mlynky – Dedinky is located in the southern part of the Slovak Paradise.    

Where can I find a cash dispenser (ATM)?

If you are in the southern part of the national park, the nearest cash dispenser is in the town of Dobšiná, on Námestie baníkov square. Dobšiná is also deemed the entry point to the Slovak Paradise.

In case that you in the northern part, the nearest cash dispenser is in the village of Smižany, inside the Municipal office building, and in Spišská Nová Ves.

What am I supposed to do when I spot a bear?

If you are afraid of bears, you should definitely buy a pepper spray containing red pepper extracts, which would knock the bear down for a while, and you have time to run away.

Is it possible to cross the Slovak Paradise by car?

Of course. You can enjoy a thrilling ride on the forest road through the Kopanec col. This road connects the northern and southern parts of the Slovak Paradise (Hrabušice - Stratená). Nevertheless, the road is closed in winter. If you decide to drive along the road, you should not miss Kopanecké lúky meadows, which are noted for the highest diversity of plant species in the whole Central Europe and offers a rare combination of spectacular views, herbs, and absolute silence.