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OOCR Slovenský raj & TIC Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa *

Project title:

Slovenský raj – Klaster cetovného ruchu NP Slovenský raj a TIC Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa (The Slovak Paradise – Tourism cluster comprising the Slovak Paradise National Park and Tourist Information Centre Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa)

Global goal of the project:

Support of sustainable social and economic development in stagnant towns and villages within the sub-region of the Slovak Paradise National Park.

Detailed goal of the project:

To mobilise high tourism potential in the Slovak Paradise National Park and adjacent areas, to support sustainable development of the stagnant region by means of founding a regional tourism organisation (OOCR) in the Slovak Paradise National Park – tourism cluster, and to provide highly demanded services – Tourist information centre in an attractive UNESCO world heritage site of Dobšinská ice cave. 

The project focuses on following scopes:

  • Mobilisation of tourism in the National Park Slovak Paradise and in stagnant and disadvantaged region which forms the basic locality for business activities with 700,000 visitors every year,
  • Mobilisation of local and regional potential, activation of local resources and attractions in the sub-region from the perspective of their utilisation by local residents and visitors,
  • Reduction of economic and social gap,
  • Provide support for creation of job opportunities in the region,
  • Create a tourism management and organisation model in the Slovak Paradise National Park,
  • Found a Regional Tourism Organisation (OOCR) – tourism cluster,
  • Support sustainable development of tourism in the Slovak Paradise National Park,
  • Carry out analysis of tourism and evaluate the potential of tourism in the area –
    • Create the Strategy and Action plan for sustainable development of Destination Management Organisation (DMO) Slovak Paradise National Park,
    • Exchange of know-how with the Swiss partner, development of long-term cooperation, distribution of best practices in the area of Slovak Paradise National Park, promote the Swiss partner and its partnership organisations all over the region of Eastern Slovakia,
  • Create a platform connecting mediators of local, regional and national development activities with the aim to eliminate the disintegration of tourism development activities,
  • Quality improvement of provided tourism services and creation of quality labels,
  • Create tourism products –
    • Create a multi-functional Tourist information centre (internet café, multimedia space, lecture hall, mini museum NATURA, souvenirs sale point, small cafeteria, lodging facility with minor capacity) in an attractive locality Stratená – Dobšinská ice cave (UNESCO world heritage site) with 100,000 yearly visitors,
  • Revitalisation and enhancement of the area,
  • Create a tourist information and booking system in the area of the National Park,
  • Create a unified promotion and marketing plan covering the whole area,
  • Provide cluster management training activities to professionals and persons involved in tourism, protection of the environment, businessmen, agriculturalists, managers of municipalities, students of elementary and secondary schools, activists dealing with Roma population and other marginalised groups or individuals,
  • Improve social inclusion,
  • Distribute the know-how gained during the project.

Project activities

Activity # 1: Develop professional documentation,

Activity # 2: Create the Slovak Paradise National Park Tourism Cluster, develop strategic documentation,

Activity # 3: Training activities,

Activity # 4: Marketing activities, booking system, advertisement & propagation,

Activity # 5: Repair tourist track markings, enhance areas of tourist complexes,

Activity # 6: Found the Tourist Information Centre (TIC)

* OOCR – Regional Tourism Organisation 

* TIC – Tourist Information Centre